What does Web 2.0 Blankie mean?

February 19, 2006

Web 2.0 Blankie is a site for people who need laymens terms to replace the high tech jargon that can swallow you up into the depths of Web 2.0 and explain simply what all the buzz words mean to every day people.

As this blog grows, it will act as a blankie, I suggest bookmarking this site (I recommend Del.icio.us) in keeping this site with you as a reference point.

My aim hopefully is to help people learn more about this new exciting space on the internet, as it is really thriving. It will be only a matter of time before it will hit the early adopters all around the world not just in the US.


An introduction…

February 19, 2006

Welcome to Web 2.0 Blankie. I am Rachel Cook, Founder of a Web 2.0 start up (due to launch very shortly) and an advocate for ’social networking’.The latest technology innovations in the past couple of years, in web-based applications have facilitated people communicating at a higher level than I have ever seen before.

Now dubbed the second web, the positive impact on society is huge. The feeling of getting something back from being part of an active community online, is something really lacking in our real society today. Time for a genuine chat over the backyard fence, is a thing of the past.

It appears many people are turning to their computers, feeling disjointed, fragmented citizens, with only superficial polite discussion to show you had a good day, we seem to be just too busy to invest in more than anything else. Our real relationship with our ‘bricks & mortar’ society is unstable. How many people do you interact with each day that really ‘dig’ YOU.

It’s now the ‘Clicks & more Clicks society’ gaining enormous momentum and popularity. It’s triggering a flurry, with social sites being launch everyday. All us netizens can do is lap it up.

Web 2.0 technology is giving us cool tools that makes us feel like the whole web is our backyard connected to many backyards. You feel plugged in and you have many choices to be part of many active communities who are refreshingly welcoming and willing to say hello.