About Rachel Cook

Welcome to Web 2.0 Blankie. I am Rachel Cook, Founder of a start up, that happened to fall into the Web 2.0 genre, called Minti – Powered by Parents and Vibe Captial (building Web 2.0 technology for communities). I am also an advocate for the 'social web'.

I have been a Web Entrepreneur for the last 8 years, knee-deep in the Search Engine Marketing US space, with my company I co-own called ineedhits – boosting your business online that I am no longer involved in the day to day business, with a CEO now in charge.

Highlights of my career at ineedhits…meeting the relevancy PHD scientists responsible for the search engine's relevancy at Inktomi and securing customized sponsorships with Hotbot, DirectHit, Lycos, Altavista, Looksmart – yes with all the main head offices/contacts in the designated area, in the US. Building ineedhits standing with the US SEM and Search Engine space and contributing to building our US base of customer's to over 250,000 with 600,000 users that had come to our site's doors. Oh and seeing Google's logo as all red and a link on their site that asked for investors – they knocked us back for a advertising deal way back in 1999. (of course)

Living in Perth, Western Australia I could stay under the radar and watch the US market I operate in is very satisfying, however, hard for people in Australia to grasp why we are only known in the US and just in our SEM space. Not a worry for me. I am to do the same in the global online parenting space. Target markets are all that matter. And I can still act like a 29 year old kid in public in Perth with sweats on and not worry about being all businesslike – hehe. Though I was proud that ineedhits was the 5th Fastest Growing company in Australia in 2002 (BRW).

I am really buzzed by the potential of the new social web, called Web 2.0, particluarly in the space of parenting…why? Because I want to give something back and give parents a new voice, which may in turn help the lives of parents who need someone to reach out to them…and at the same time modernize parenting information on the web in unique and powerful ways.

Think about it…

The latest technology innovations in web-based applications have facilitated people communicating at a higher level than I have ever seen before. The positive impact on society is huge.

The feeling of getting something back from being part of an active community online is something really lacking in our real society today. Time for a genuine chat over the backyard fence, is a thing of the past.

Web 2.0 technology gives us cool tools that makes us feel like the whole web is our backyard. You feel plugged in and you have many choices to be part of many active communities willing and welcoming to say hello.

What I like about this new social web is the freedom, the freedom to voice your knowledge and at times add the other side of the story. I do have battle scars from being in the Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Industry and hopefully this new web, not only gives a voice for Web 2.0 applications but for businesses online that need a voice out there saying, hey guys look at all the work we are doing, yes we aren't perfect, but be part of helping us fix the problem.

So enjoy my attempt in 'Simplifying what Web 2.0' means, feel free to read this blog, comment add your spice to the mix or contact me about anything you may like to chat with me further.

My blogs;

Talking Tech on Family 2.0 (a niche of Web 2.0)

Rachel's Minti Blog

My linkedIn profile


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