Definition of Web 2.0 – I think I have it…

Okay, this is my attempt. Because we need to get over the words, accept the terms and realize what a great thing is happening, lets move on and get back to evangelizing the potential of the 'second coming'…yes?…coool


Web 2.0 is the next web after the first adoption of 'the' web. It's called Web 2.0 to collectively categorize, and make 'open source' as popular in mainstream as it has with the developer world, were sharing content was and still is the norm. Web 2.0 opens the doors for user freedom in interacting with web content and applications…

Effectively, Web 2.0 is the category and it just means it is a 'social web', rather than the first web being a 'business web'.

Web 2.0 Social Web-applications are the platform that makes up the 'social web'.

What is the social web of the next Internet (Web 2.0)…????

Web 2.0 – the social web…n. "anything innovative that enables a high level of the user's social interaction and status on the web".

– the medium of the social web is currently the internet.

Definition of the Web 3.0…well..Web 3.0 – 'Digitalizing the web' will be the web becoming not just the internet, but become the web of devices/infrastructure that will make up one big collective network and infrastructure, which will become the new platform (mobile, home tech system, internet wireless grid, tv, transport vehicle's internet systems, anything that is a network can deliver content and connect in as a 'digital web'.)

You don't believe me then check this out at Vodafone…"future" of virtual braclet, electronic newspaper and digital wallpaper…a must see.

I will think of a simple definition for Web 3.0 – Digitalizing the web later…anyway…back to Web 2.0 – Social Web…

– Characteristics of the social web…the latest innovations…

  • RSS (really simple syndication) of content
  • Interactive chat sessions
  • User generated content
  • Mashing of current technology services and delivering more specialized offerings (using google maps and plotting crime or housing prices)
  • Community moderated and rated content
  • Track backs and Ajax
  • Connect with friends in real time (online now)
  • Share content and files fast
  • Stream music and generate intelligent suggestions of like tastes to you.
  • Comment on anything.
  • Share anything you couldn't before, eg. calendars
  • Create your own, DIY media

2 Responses to “Definition of Web 2.0 – I think I have it…”

  1. toksee Says:

    With the explosion of social networks as a major part of web 2.o, the ability to communicate cross platform amongst all the networks will be a key to linking us all together.

  2. JT Martin Says:

    I agree with toksee. The Facebook applications and things like Twitter plugins that let you interact with Web 2.0 sites from other Web 2.0 apps is where the future of the web is going. Web 2.0 is about user participation and interactivity.

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