Share in innovative ways

What makes something successful? When many people collectively decide it is so. How many? It was 27 million for myspace. In Web 2.0, social networking has proven so far to work for the masses. myspace we all know, it not the first, remember AOL, Amazon and ebay. It must also, I believe innovate a target market, in this case the 'youth market'.

Why didn't Coke, Disney or MacDonalds come up with this myspace idea? It may be 'don't mix bricks with clicks' and that online strategies and new ideas are very different from the real world. The laws there don't apply here.

I think the key here is technology and it's ability to be harnessed by forward thinking business brains who often have a tech background. Conceive unique ways to do the same things in the real world but at powerful pace.

Youtube is another idea that the network powerhouses missed. Newsvine, Digg

Sharing in innovative ways comes from a continual experience of limitations and Web 2.0 provides a platform for a business mind to solve a social problem from the people up, not organisation out and get rid of those everyday limitations in real life by offering it online…you don't agree, then check out SecondLife.

What I am trying to arrive at is that I believe there is substance in Web 2.0 and for all it means and stands for…do life simpler, faster, just attract lots of eyeballs.

Open source technology and adsense has opened a pandora's box and enable new ways of sharing to be delivered faster, with a rush to open the Web 2.0 doors, saying come on in we are friends, no surveys or qualifying demographic questions, enjoy this cool social community for free…and often before the youth market analysis strategic meeting sessions at Coke have finished for the day.


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