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Customize your experience

April 11, 2006

One powerful experience is the ability to maniulate the technology behind a Web 2.0’s user interface and customise it for your own ends. At a grass roots level, developers (people with the technical knowledge) can go to a particular site, like for example WordPress (who provide free personal webages in the form of a Web log “blog”) and allow changes to be made by an developer, adding features to the site, as well as the look and feel. At MobileGlu developers can gain access to the API and customise MobileGlu‘s technology and apply it to many uses and applications.

From wikipedia..

Two general lines of policies exist regarding publishing APIs:

  1. Some companies guard their APIs zealously. For example, Sony used to make its official PlayStation 2 API available only to licensed PlayStation developers. This is because Sony wanted to restrict how many people could write a PlayStation 2 game, and wanted to profit from them as much as possible. This is typical of companies who do not profit from the sale of API implementations (in this case, Sony broke-even on the sale of PlayStation 2 consoles and even took a loss on marketing, instead making it up through game royalties created by API licensing). However, PlayStation 3 is based entirely on open and publicly available APIs.
  2. Other companies propagate their APIs freely. For example, Microsoft deliberately makes most of its API information public, so that software will be written for the Windows platform. The sale of the third-party software sells copies of Microsoft Windows. This is typical of companies who profit from the sale of API implementations (in this case, Microsoft Windows, which is sold at a gain for Microsoft).

At a general user level, sites like Netvibes allows you to customise what data is streamed to your webpage and allows you to move around the information boxes you set up in any order, anywhere on the page. You are directly editing an area set up for you on Netvibes server. Unlike creating a website, were you have to upload it, with Netvibes you just type on the page in movable and editable boxes.