Minimal restriction

What? At a deeper level? To give an example of a site giving the visitor minimal restriction to add content we would have to take a look at

You would be familiar with Encyclopedia Britannica volumes of hardback bound books of articles detailing and description every topic and subject matter of the world. Have you ever imagined who wrote the content in these books? You would most likely say, paid academics or people on respected enough to write on for or within Britannica.

Say there where many thousands of academics and people in professions around the world able to contribute to an article on a particular subject, say ‘Egyptian Mummies’, the callaboration and quest to provide the most up-to-date information, as well as detail would be one big motivation. If you are passionate about something you want to provide input. Wikipedia is an amazing place were anyone can go to an article and edit the information. The community moderates the articles, but in essence anyone can add information to a particular topic. The power to do this is phenomenal to an every day person, let alone a tech head. If you do want to add your own article an area it is only one article which is then built upon and added to by the community or visitors. At some level you must be a member, and rules exist, but anyone can be apart of contributing to building the worlds largest and free online encylopedia!

Minimal restriction to add at it’s best. Your content you add is stored on Wikipedia’s servers. Buidling data on their database. Does this makes sense?

The same for another site; Bubbleshare you can upload photos and create albumns to share with family and friends. Again, your photos are stored on Bubbleshare’s photos for free, building a big database of photos. Can you see how exciting this is. No more paying for services and better still they are so easy to use!!!

Why are they free? Because Google has created an affiliate ad program for sites that helps keep it free. Like TV advertising it pays for Free to Air TV. (Here in Ozzie Land).


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