Characteristics making up the new web

Having had a bit of a study on Tim’s article, more things began to gel. It is definitely a challange to translate the information into laymens terms and concepts. So please be nice.


  • Minimal Restriction. Users can add information, at a deeper level, to the actual content the site offers.
  • The user interface has many cool mini services that allow you to get more juice from the site’s offering.
  • Some Web 2.0 sites allow programmers access to the software to customise their experience.
  • Web 2.0 sites gives the user the ability to share and receive information in many innovative ways.
  • Deep penetration into the internet. Links/pages from the users creative works can be view by many people.
  • A users popularity comes by social consensus.
  • More detailed data on topics in society are being created. Many angles, views, comments and opinions are giving a collective mass of information with depth.
  • Gives the user the ability to be unique and special, thriving on self expression these sites encourage.
  • The web is now focused on being inter-connected at a social level. Web 2.0 sites are providing the technology of ‘social software’. Connecting the activity of social interaction in a tight and global network. Thus, creating a solid base or platform from which we can interact with a multitude of others, rather than a ‘spider’ web with many holes and relying on chance.
  • As the community grows in scale and the more people using the software increases, this naturally creates an environment where the software can only get better. Why? More features and tools are accepted and adopted at a rapid rate if they are popular by the community as a whole.
  • There is a lot of trust by the site’s creators to allow the community to build and contribute to the data. They can shape the meaning and uses of the data within, instead of this being done by employees.
  • There is an ‘attitude’ were the community acts as one voice and drives the experience.
  • The content created by the community is unique and hard to replicate.
  • It is a richer user experience. Addictive.
  • New features and tools are being trialled all the time by the community, which keeps the technology on the edge.
  • We will see a trend from being able to access, not just from the web, but over hand-held devices or TV.
  • Users have a say in how data is organised, attaching a ‘keyword’ that describes the data created. Users can attach many ‘keywords’ to one peice of information. The result is a ‘collective organisation’ of relevant information.

Like any new fashionable term, I think Web 2.0 could almost be like the fashion industry, take the 80’s, 90’s and mix it up to create a new style and trend for 00’s…more importantly, if it fills a need and it does something different that appeals to users and has substance, I think Web 2.0 sites like this may have a chance.


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